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Views: 384 · Posted: 1046 days ago

Thailand is well known for prostitution, although it is a very small part of Thailand - it is blown out of proportion with respect to foreign views of Thailand on average. Prostitution is common throughout Asia, not only in Thailand.

According to reports on international human rights, prostitution in Thailand is far behind Taiwan, the Philippines and India sex workers capita. The reasons that Thailand is particularly well known for there because of the somewhat different nature of prostitution in Thailand, from my observations:

Many women who are prostitutes here are adorable in a "native" cultural path and do not fit into the usual mold of prostitutes in other countries - it has a different manifestation here. This, combined with other features Thai, often leads to misunderstanding by foreigners.
Indeed, many foreigners do not call it prostitution, and many Thai women also call this "work with clients" or "night work" and not use the Thai word for prostitution because it is rude and demeaning. (But if money changes hands for daily service, then yes, it is prostitution, according to my definition!)

Prostituion districts in Thailand are safe and relaxed (with some exceptions), attracting men who want to spend holidays safe sex (compared to similar places abroad).

The price is low, both for ladies and accommodation and overheads here, which attracts many vacationers who want more for their money.

Farang Thai prostitutes take as girlfriends and wives much more often than they are prostitutes in other countries.

However, if you plan to have even a prostitute as a girlfriend in a committed relationship, then you'd better read the synopsis of facts from outside sources and perspectives of the author on prostitution in Thailand, in addition to the pursuit of the following discussion.

Views: 1330 · Posted: 1058 days ago

Prostitutes are a very small percentage of the population of Thai women, but they are often the vast majority of Thai women that Western men know individual areas and foreigners in Thailand tend to have a surprisingly high population density of therebetween. Travel in these parts of the city, is like traveling in a sub-culture.

The large number of farangs with Thai girlfriends and women caught in prostitution venues Independent pick-up and go-go bars altogether is mainly due to the fact that it is much faster and easier to develop a relationship with a prostitute and fulfilling there are many, many beautiful, beautiful and outgoing farang-oriented prostitutes in Farang parts of the city. Years of observation have shown that it is too easy for a farang to get involved with a prostitute Thai one way or another.

From my observations, most of these relationships do not work well in the end, for various reasons, particularly with regard to relations with non-prostitutes.

There are many exceptions, however. Analyze the successes and failures of these relationships provides a simple and most common factor in determining the success or failure of the relationship with [former prostitutes] - how long the woman was engaged in prostitution in all its forms before meeting her boyfriend.

After that, the second most important factor is regarding expectations, understanding the limitations of each, and the general issues of culture and relationships, as discussed in both of my speech on longer the "bargirl girlfriends and independent" and "traditional Thai girlfriends" and acceptance of these differences rather than trying to change the other person a lot.

Views: 314 · Posted: 1066 days ago

There are a variety of Thai ladies. However, a notable mention are some of those that you may encounter in the dating services on the Internet. Many of these women want to be westernized. If this is what you want, that's fine. But why come to Thailand for a westernized girl? If you like Thai ladies, then you must love the way Thai, in whole or in part.

Otherwise, neither the Thai lady, or you would be happy for a long time in the relationship. Of course, there are many women in the dating services on the Internet, be themselves, and that's a good thing. Just a warning about what works naturally for more than a few months ...

In Thailand, there are not many inventors, creators and leaders of social progress in the evolution of our generation, even among men, on a per capita basis compared to the west. What was invented in Thailand? Which has been copied from the West?

The beauty of Thailand, in my opinion, that is a very different culture from that of the west or the rest of Asia or anywhere in the 21 (or 20) century, it is peaceful harmonious and smiling people (even those in poverty by western standards) - hence the name "Land of Smiles". It has a native human atmosphere that has long since lost in the world due to the Industrial Revolution or colonization or overpopulation and abject poverty.

The beauty of women is due to the Thai value system, which is very different from the West, for better and for worse. There is much to learn about the happiness of one of civilization's most civilians left on the planet, including from a fellow Thai, either a prostitute or if you meet certain criteria to some degree or other an ordinary lady. (Being a leader sometimes a follower sometimes ...)

Views: 309 · Posted: 1074 days ago

Most guys who are attracted to Thai women more than Westerners are attracted by the beautiful native women free natural ways of Thai ladies. The most classic will be faithful, most will spend money wisely and carefully, and be more responsible with maintaining a beautiful home and a hand with work. Embed Thai women will not push you to be ambitious, but the value will be "peace, love and harmony" moreso (like most Thais value harmony as if the ambition conflicts latter means), but they will not have much initiative, because they tend to seek a peaceful and relaxed environment with family and friends. It may take some time before you find an ambitious woman and intellectual Thai if that's what you looking for. they are Thai. Nevertheless, they exist in large numbers here.

If you are a fast paced, always moving forward, and expect everything to be done right the first time, then you're probably led to frustration with Thai women and Thailand in general. However, if you live a relaxed and peaceful, then you will feel at home.

The exceptions are the "Chinese Thai", in particular those that are 100% Chinese, but whose parents were both immigrant from China. Most of the descendants of these people are in the melting pot Thai available, but many Chinese workers. Most of the Chinese who came to Thailand has not survived from a natural selection standpoint family-wise, if the current generation of successful immigrant family ancestry Thai Chinese background rather unique subcultural . You have a wide range of personalities to choose among Chinese Thais, but you will see a larger percentage of them have ambitions of education and greater value. There are a good mix, the best of both worlds.

Views: 327 · Posted: 1085 days ago

Prostitutes are more willing to have sex quickly, so you do not waste a lot of time to get them, they do not give you problems when you've had enough of them and pay (quite different from a normal lady), and there are a variety of other adorable beauties there for your next adventure. For what you pay per night, it's pretty cheap compared to actual costs (time and money) on an alternative, serious relationship, and you avoid the emotional traps of something more serious. Even if you keep a prostitute for a few days or weeks and enter into a relationship of gray area, it will usually be out of your way with its next distraction - another farang man in his natural environment ...

For those who want a "good" Thai girlfriend, I can advise you about this, but before you do, you'd better think about whether this is really what you want in the long term. "Be careful what you wish for, because you might get it!"

Once you get a good Thai lady serious about you, especially after physical intimacy, if you change your mind, then they will usually be much more difficult to break up with a woman from the West. They are not as prostitutes who are already accustomed to it (but can yell and scream for a few minutes yet, but still leave once you pay). You can not afford most of the major Thai ladies. They would not accept it, and they will not give up easily. It may be more traumatic to the average woman than the typical woman Thai foreign.

Relationships take a lot of time. Businessmen and independent guys often simply do not have time or do not want to clutter. For these guys, the occasional weekend out in bars and music is a time and cost effective delivery.

On the other hand, a good reason not to go with prostitutes because of sexually transmitted diseases. I just have a feeling of revolt "to go where many men have been before" (the antithesis of the Star Trek theme). In fact, go where so many have been immoral before, and who knows where they were immoral before having sex with the woman of interest to you! They may be infected with viruses and various types of bacteria, only a few are symtomatic at first. Be realistic and keep condoms handy. Condoms do not protect you against all (eg, herpes or genital warts, or molluscum, which are very common here), but they protect you against the worst things (HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, NSU ).

Views: 359 · Posted: 1089 days ago

Most foreigners visiting or living in Thailand spend most of their time in the small percentage of countries that farang oriented prostitutes are attracted by natural selection population. But many do not. From my perspective, those who bathe in the areas of prostitution farang are best to stay in these areas, and going through the adventures, Buffet with bargirls and freelancers infinity, and persist in their delusions cynical denial because these farangs would not be happy with (or loyal to) an ordinary girl Thai for very long, and would be a lady Thai traditional happy with them. If you pursue a traditional Thai lady, then you should be as faithful to her as she is to you. Otherwise, you will have fewer problems if you just stick to the other side of the city, because prostitutes are used to provide a service, then take a break after receiving money without emotional drama (except fortunate to get money), so it is simple and clean (except bullshit).

In fact, most farang males who work in offices take little interest to his colleagues, and spend a lot more time in pubs with friends and the mutual development flash-in-the-pan Relations ladies outgoing and competent Thai entertainment because there are so many beautiful ladies of them are easy to dredge out and ready to move in a sexual relationship in a very short time when the opportunity is at hand, especially if the man fits certain criteria such as being dressed as if they had money, clean, and easy-going gay.

Do not treat your colleagues or employees if they are similar to bargirls. Just as in your own country, Thailand has different types of people in different walks of life.

Views: 311 · Posted: 1096 days ago

In Thailand, there are generally two kinds of lady: Prostitutes and general public (non-prostitutes). According to the statistics of all kinds, only 2% of women are prostitutes in Thailand. However, these prostitutes tend to concentrate where the company, which includes a few square kilometers in tourism and areas of concentration of expatriates in the lower Sukhumvit and Pattaya, and they tend to stand out, because they are trying to attract the attention of people outside. It is very important to understand that what you see in these areas is very different from what you will find in the rest of Thailand (with the exception of other hot spots).

There is a big difference between the dominant and the Thai women you can meet in bars and nightclubs. It is often said about "Thai women" in general, actually applies to [former] prostitutes, who appear to be the most girlfriends and wives of foreigners, do not believe everything you read or hear ... for example, "Thai girls are infidels," or "Thai girls just want your money." Replace the word "prostitute" for "girl" in sentences and makes more sense. If you're old enough to read this, and sophisticated enough to use the Internet well, then you should be old enough to not believe everything you hear and read about Thai ladies and smart enough to think for yourself .. .

Similarly, it is incorrect to assume that all Thai women who met a stranger in the areas of nightlife and developed a special relationship are tricking or unfaithful to the new boyfriend. It is true that most Thai ladies night that we study are infidels or otherwise mislead boyfriend abroad, but many are not. Many ladies in the area of ​​nightlife at the point where they have enough experience and are ready to settle into a more normal life and stable. Unfortunately, they are a minority in the fields of nightlife. However, bad news travels much farther than good news, and many Internet forums tend to be "e of the heart" sounding for venting anger and frustration.